StitchCraft “Self-Titled” Album Review
By Amelia Bird
Iowa Observer

October, 2006

In their self-titled album, if you listen very intently, the wide and diverse range of Stitchcraft’s influences is apparent. Unlikek other reviewers, I would not hasten to list bluegrass as one of their main sources, not with their songs laden with Flamenco guitar, traditional Brazilian and west coast South American melodies, haunting freak-folk vocal harmonies, and lyrics describing Irish heritage, banyan trees, and the tide. These Florida girls sure are a blend of many sources. However, when you sit down and listen to this album completely, their style is so crisp and defined that where their inspirations lie and what genre they fit into become moot points behind the overwhelming newness and pleasant feel of their style. What they have done is made a sound so so clean and well-assembled that it stands on it’s own. Finding what brought Stitchcraft to their current status is an interesting and diverse journey, sure, but purists of any musical persuasion will realize that where they have arrived is a damn good place to bask in the sun.