StitchCraft is a winding tale of chasing kites and sewing seeds in the soil and the stories that blow and grow life into our lyrical bodies. Our community creates the music that we absorb and reflect back with insistence and intensity. Our stories spin and sail into each other’s to create patchworks of meaning – like the quilts that comfort us in the face of inevitable loss – like the soup that feeds our hungry ghosts; we honor the participation of the player, the muse, and the audience in their dance with life, death, adventure and self realization. Music is a lover and a healer to all of us.

sc-colorCombining a unique mix of guitar, cello, 5-string violin, and banjo with intricate string and vocal arrangements, this San Francisco based group, plays a dynamic and versatile array of music – from lyrical ballads to driving and powerful anthems – to genre-bending, world-music-inspired folk fusion.

Their music mixes rich harmonic arrangements, thoughtful lyrics, and undercurrents intricately woven rhythms to produce delicate yet vivid melodic textures.

Their newest album, Through the Hoolaboo, released in May, 2009, creates a densely rich and atmospheric soundscape with powerful vocals, orchestral arrangements, and a creative range of instrumental influences. The name of the album, and much of the lyrical substance originates from the shared history of ocean to tree hopping, growing in the lightness and darkness of change. In the quilted history surrounding the group’s first collaborations, the song “In Memory” was written as part of a choreographed therapeutic dance for members of their community to memorialize the death of a friend. To honor the life that remains with us is a strong undercurrent of the album and band’s internal ethos.

StitchCraft has had the honor of being involved in San Francisco’s sustainable music movement, contributing to and performing in the Bicycle Music Festival, which travels from park to park on pedal powered PAs and all human power. In June 2009, StitchCraft took part in the splendid northern California WALKING TOUR with 6 bands and Shake Your Peace leading the walking minstrel adventure.

StitchCraft will be touring in August of 2009 up the west coast so look out for us in your neighborhood.

StitchCraft is…

Heather Normandale - guitar, mandolin, vocals

Anna Perlmutter - violin, accordion, vocals

heather and anna



accompanied by:

Ezra Lipp

drum set, percussion,
vibraphone, vocals

Joshua Stacy


Andrew Maguire
Percussion, xylophone,
bells and whistles