By JJ Schultz
Hotel Utah Open Mic

May 10, 2009

Stitchcraft. With the magical, fantastical (but never irascible) lyrics, with the bouncy fiddle playing by Anna, with Heather’s gypsyesc guitar picking, with Ezra (and perhaps Jamie?) wailing away with focused fury, the Stitchcraft, when they get it in gear, well it’s really something to behold. When they’re in gear and I close my eyes real tight, in the movie in my head I’m running through woods with the birds and the trees perhaps occasionally twirling about like Julie Andrews in Sound of Music, but I’ll only do that if nobody is looking. and I know I shouldn’t name favorites, but my favorite part of their music is their harmonies. Usually, to sing with that sort of intertwined artistry, one needs to be singing with a conjoined twin, each anticipating the others subtlies and nuance. and it is very impressive when non-conjoined twins are able to pull it off. and it is even more impressive when two non-twin siblings do it. But! Anna and Heather are not even related – no fooling. it’s bewitching indeed.. Hey, you should come out this monday and check out Stitchcraft. You will not be sorry. You will be so not sorry, you will forget what sorry ever meant. and you will also be bewitched.